Remote Fuel Monitoring Systems

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Remote Fuel Monitoring Systems

1) The Cellular Unit ­ The cellular tank transmitter is typically installed in under 15 minutes. This includes a full system test to ensure that the equipment is working properly and the service is reporting tank level data to Como Oil & Propane of Florida. A cable connects the unit to a dial on your tank to read the level. The equipment is completely sealed and maintenance­free, designed for years of reliability.

2) The Cell Tower ­ The information is transmitted via a secure, cellular network providing a reliable communication path to Como Oil & Propane of Florida. The cellular unit reads and records your tank level multiple times per day. If a low level is detected at any one of those readings, a priority notification is immediately sent to Como Oil & Propane of Florida. Additionally, the complete set of tank level and usage data is transmitted at regular intervals, so that we can be more responsive to your needs.

3) Reports ­ Como Oil & Propane of Florida receives reports that list every tank’s fill level with the date, time, and gallons delivered, thereby creating a chronological history of all your tank activity. These reports ensure timely deliveries, so you will never run out of fuel.

4) Delivery ­ Because Como Oil & Propane of Florida is monitoring your tank levels, you can rest assured that your fuel will be there when you need it.